Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (ASQ Syllabus)

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Course Introduction

This programme imparts a thorough in-depth knowledge & understanding of all aspects of Lean and Six Sigma Black Belts have the ability to lead LSS projects and also provide expert guidance to other staff members in their LSS project work. By integrating elements of Lean and Six Sigma organisations can successfully realise the full potential of both strategies. LSS enhances team problem solving with the use of statistical tools. It is a customer focussed, data driven approach to optimise products, processes and services. LSS is a proven pathway for enterprise-wide productivity improvement.

Course Benefits

• Learn the Lean Six Sigma (LSS) methodology, tools and techniques.

• Learn to apply LSS for continuous improvement work and solve real life problems.

• Acquire the knowledge and skills to implement LSS projects.

• Ability to lead project teams to achieve breakthrough results.

• Be recognised as a LSS professional and expert coach to guide other staff members.

• Learn to do statistical data analysis using Minitab software.

Course Pre-Requisites

• Diploma or Degree holders with relevant 2 years working experience; and possess Project Management Skills; Analytical Skills.

• Participants must have at least one potential project for execution; and possess Basic Skills in MS Excel and Power-Point applications.

Target Audience/ Who Should Attend

• Quality and/or Training Coordinators

• Engineers, Business Unit Managers, Program Managers and other practitioners/change agents who will be conducting Six Sigma projects

• Individuals interested in having certification for Lean Six Sigma Black Belts

Course Outline 


Too Meng Ken

Trainer Description

Too Meng Ken has 5 university degrees from 4 different universities and holds a B. Sc. in Mathematics from Nanyang University Singapore; Postgraduate Diploma in Science (Computing) from Massey University, New Zealand; B.Sc. (Hons) in Applied Statistics and M.Sc. in Quality Control from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand; and M. Phil. in Management Science from Southampton University in United Kingdom. He was a Consultative Committee member for the M.Sc. Course of the Industrial and System Engineering Department in the University of Singapore for two years.

Mr. Too Meng Ken has more than 32 years of lecturing experience both in overseas universities and local professional bodies such as Singapore Quality Institute. His lecture topics include Lean Tools and Application, Six Sigma Methodologies, TQM, ISO 9000, Statistical Quality Control, Design of Experiment, Regression Analysis and Reliability leading the students towards the Certified Quality Supervisors, Certified Quality Engineers, Certified Quality Managers and Certified Six Sigma Black Belt examination in Singapore. Students in those courses invariably grade him as an excellent lecturer. He was the Ex-Vice Chairman of Singapore Quality Institute and Ex-Board Member of ANQ.

He had more than 30 years of industrial experience in terms of application of Lean Tools, TQM and Six Sigma Methodologies such as Statistical Quality Control, Failure Mode Effect and Criticality Analysis, Fault Tree Analysis, Hazard Analysis, Design of Experiment, Lean Manufacturing, TPM, Poke Yoke, Quality Deployment Function, Value Stream Mapping and Reliability. He is also a quality auditor and ISO assessor helping companies to get ISO 9000 certification. He had worked in New Zealand, United Kingdom and Singapore, in various Multinational Companies such as Mobil, Hewlett-Packard, Harris Semiconductor and Apple Computer in the capacity as statistician and manager.

Mr. Too Meng Ken is currently the Principal Consultant of Too Meng Ken Consultancy. He provides consultancy services in the areas of Lean Tools and Application, TQM, Statistical Quality Control, Failure Mode and Effect Analysis, Design of Experiment, Regression Analysis, Poka-Yoke, Six Sigma Program and Reliability. He also provides training on the use of Statgraphics software. He has more than 80 clients and they come from various fields in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, China and USA, such as computer, electronics, arms, chemicals, medical, springs, construction, rubber, plastic molding, banking, petroleum, food, foam, logistic, semiconductor, battery, geomancy, marine industry, airline, oil & gas and also educational institutions.

He was invited by International Enterprise (IE) to give a speech on the application of Lean Six Sigma Methodology to a group of CEOs and senior managers from various industries in 2005. The talk was very well received by the participants. Mr. Too Meng Ken is a hands-on practitioner who has applied his Lean, Quality and Reliability knowledge in various companies including Schott Advanced Packaging Singapore, Hewlett Packard, Harris Semiconductor, Apple Computer, Becton Dickinson, Norvatis Pharmaceutical, West Pharmaceutical, Singapore Radiopharmaceuticals, JMS Singapore Pte Ltd, PolyOne, ExxonMobil, Seagate, Hewlett-Packard, Citibank, Singapore Technology Engineering, Credit Suisse (Bank), Hitachi and Seiko. He has done more than 180 projects in terms of lean process and quality. At the end of the project, the companies have improved their quality to another level.

Mr. Too Meng Ken has also been invited by many MNC as the judge and chief judge to judge their staff on the Continuous Improvement Projects. Some of these MNC have been engaging his service over several years. He is approved by American Society of Quality (ASQ) of USA as the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and Green Belt worldwide Trainer for conducting ASQ courses. In professional body activities, he was the Asian Network for Quality Certificate Examination Committee member for Asian Network for Quality.

The following were papers and presentations, delivered from 2005 to date:

Year Title of Paper Venue Attendees
2005 Application of Six Sigma Methodology International Enterprise, Singapore CEO & Snr Manager from various industries
2008 Visual Defects Reduction of Aluminum Clamps thru Six Sigma Methodology ANQ Conference, Bangkok CEO & Snr Manager from various industries
2009 Reduction of Loan Application with Cycle Time Improvement Waseda University, Japan Participants coming from 18 Asian countries and Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Russia, Singapore, Thailand, Korea, Iran, India, Pakistan and New Zealand
2011 Colour Contact Lenses Reduction Through Six Sigma Methodology ANQ Conference, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Won the first best paper award with competition from Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Russia, Thailand, Korea, Iran, India & Pakistan and others
2013 Defective Rate Reduction of Home Audio Products ANQ Congress, Hong Kong Won the second-best paper award with competition from Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Russia, Thailand, Korea, Iran, India & Pakistan and others
2014 Improvement of Photocopier’s Toner Delivery Fulfilment ANQ Conference, Singapore Attendees from various surrounding countries including US, China, India and Russia
2015 Reduce Customer Complaint Resolution Cycle Time in Medical Device Manufacturing Industry ANQ Congress, Taiwan Won the third best paper award with competition from Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Russia, Thailand, Korea, Iran, India & Pakistan and others
2016 Increase Incoming Inspection Throughput of Bare Metal Stents Through Six Sigma Methodology ANQ Congress, Russia Won the fourth best paper award with competition from Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Russia, Thailand, Korea, Iran, India & Pakistan and others
2017 Improvement of Credit Risk Management In The Mining Industry Through Lean Six Sigma Methodology ANQ Congress, Nepal Won the fifth best paper award with only four countries (Japan, India, Thailand and Singapore) won this award.


Kenneth Liang

Trainer Description

Mr. Kenneth Liang Wai Yin is currently the Managing Consultant of P & Q Solutions Pte Ltd. His recent certification projects include: ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System, ISO14001:2015 EMS, OHSAS 18001:2007, AS 9001: Rev C Aerospace Standard, ISO 17025 General requirements for competence of testing and calibration laboratories. ISO 13485:2016 Medical Devices, HSA Good Distribution Practice for Medical Device in Singapore, Cost of Quality (COQ), Project Management, Six Sigma (Green Belt & Black Belt) projects, Advanced Quality Planning Champion, TQM & Singapore Quality Class etc. Mr. Liang also specializes in conducting courses in quality tools & techniques, such as QC Tools, Measurement System Assessment (MSA), 7 Management Tools, 8D Methodology, Root Cause Analysis, Statistical Process Control (SPC), Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA), Mistake Proofing (Poka Yoke) and Six Sigma Program.

The manufacturing companies from various industries which include; Corrugated & Offset carton & sheet printing, Offset graphic printing materials, Metal packaging container & related products, Metal mould die and related semiconductor equipment and machinery, Graphic design films / polymould printing plates, Home furniture and related furnishing products, Switch Gears, Electrical–related products, Oil refinery related products, Computer printers, Building Construction Services, Electronic and Electrical-related products, Aircraft components, Clinical and Hospital Healthcare Services and Medical devices manufacturers.

The Service companies from various industries, which include; Computer & IT related products, Home furniture and related furnishing product retailers, Air transport cargo & logistic, Airline Services, Aircraft maintenance and services, Public Utilities services, Health care, Motor Trader New & Pre-owned cars, Education & Training, Recruitment Service, Social club etc. He has also taken part as an advisor in the certification process of Productivity and Standard Board (PSB) to ISO 9002: 1994, QS9000 standard requirements etc.

In addition, he was; (a) an adviser for Singapore Airline Engineering Company (SIAEC) on Productivity, Quality Audit training & ISO 9001:2015 & AS9100B QMS Consultancy, (b) a consultant / trainer for Singapore Airlines Limited (Engineering Division) on ISO 9001:2000 QMS and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System), (Safety, Security and Environment Division) and a consultant / trainer for (Cabin Crew Division) on Quality Audit training, (c) Public Utility Board on Productivity & Quality Service Program and (d) Singapore General Hospital on FMEA implementation.

(e) A QMS Consultant / Lead Auditor for 27 Motor vehicles workshops under the Motor Industry Certification Board Scheme (f) A global trainer for Philips Consumers Electronics on Advanced Quality Planning combining Six Sigma Methodologies.(48 Philips staff and 34 vendor companies world-wide were certified under this program in year 2006) and (g) He is also ASQ Trainer in Six Sigma Black Belt & Green Belt Training.

His training and consultancy projects includes SQI Six Sigma In-hose training program (Champion, Green Belt & Black Belt) and A International Examiner/ Assessor for the National Pakistan Institute of Quality Control (PIQC) (Lahore and Islamabad) for Six Sigma projects (Green & Belt Belts) since January 2007.

One of his previous turnkey projects was to assist a corrugated carton manufacturer (Muda Pasifik Sdn.Bhd. - A member of Muda Holdings Bhd.) to upgrade its management operations in Financial Control, Inventory Control, Production Planning & Control and Quality Assurance system. The company employed him, first as the Operations Consultant between June 1994 to October 1995 and subsequently as its Chief Executive Officer (designate) from November 1995 to December 1996.

Mr. Liang was the General Manager of Tat Seng Paper Containers Pte Ltd - A manufacturer of corrugated cartons for almost six years (August 1989 – May 1995). He was directly responsible for the documentation, implementation and maintenance of the Quality Assurance system practice in the company. His company was the first corrugated carton plant being awarded the ISO9002 certificate by SISIR (Singapore Institute of Standards and Industrial Research) He was also instrumental in implementing COQ program to the company.

The COQ program was then administered by NPB (National Productivity Board) that Tat Seng had subsequently shared the experiences gained was with other manufacturing industries back in 1993. Mr. Liang joined SISIR in January 1983. He was then appointed to manage its newly established Quality Systems department in July 1986, which was known as the Novo Quality Services Pte Ltd and left SISIR in July 1989. This previous position enabled him to gather wide and good experience in training and active involvement in then SISIR’s ISO 9000 series of Quality Systems consultancy projects. He is knowledgeable on the specifications and requirements of ISO9001 Quality Management Systems.

Certification by PSB, SGS International Certification Services, Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance, Det Norske Veritas Industry Pte Ltd and also other International certification bodies. He is a Management System Consultant for ISO 9000 Quality Management Systems, QS 9000/ TS16949 Quality System for vehicle components Manufacturing industry, ISO 14000 Environmental Management System and ISO/IEC 17025 The competence of testing and calibration laboratories. He is a regular training Consultant for the above-mentioned Quality system courses that are conducted by S Q I (Singapore Quality Institute).

Mr. Liang worked first in 1973, as a graduate trainee in Dagenham Plant, Essex of Ford Motor Company. After graduation, he worked in the British Industry from February 1978 to December 1982 first as a Design and Development Engineer in Pressed Steel Fisher, Cowley Plant- Oxford (A British Leyland Motor Company). Later, he worked as a Senior Industrial Engineer in Standard Telephones & Cables Ltd, London of AT&T.

Mr. Liang holds a Master of Science degree in Industrial Engineering and Administrations from Cranfield University in United Kingdom and a Higher National Diploma in Production Management & Engineering from Oxford (Brooks) University. He is also a UK trained Charted Engineer in the Institute of Electrical Engineer and Manufacturing / Production Engineers.

Mr. Liang is an IRCA (International Register of Certificated Auditors) Lead Auditor since August 1990 and a corporate member of the Institute of Quality Assurance in United Kingdom. Mr. Liang is Deputy Chairman of ACC (Advisory Committee for Certification) to PSB Certification Board, the Chairman of SQI (Singapore Quality Institute) and the Chairman of Audit committee of MICB. He is a registered Cost of Quality (COQ) management consultant and a Fellow member of the SQI. He is a fully qualified trainer with Advanced Certificate in Training & Assessment (ACTA) - (Facilitated Learning) awarded by Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA), He had carried out several COQ programs implementation in the industry. He is certified by American Society for Quality (ASQ) as the qualified trainer for Lean Six Sigma Green Belt & Black Belt training program.

Mr. Liang became the Board member of Asia Network for Quality (ANQ) since year 2003. He is the current Chairman of Certification & Education Committee (CEC) and ANQ Board Member & Currently ANQ Chairman.

The ANQ Board members are Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, India, Singapore, Russia and Thailand and other Asian member countries are Bangladesh, Dubai, Hong Kong, Iranian, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan and Vietnam.

In year 2000, he led the SQI team to collaborate with PSB in publishing the ISO 9001: 2000 Interpretation Guides.

Mr. Liang lectures regularly & extensively and was the Course -Coordinator of the Certified Quality Engineer (CQE) training course (American Society of Quality Syllabus). This certified training course caters primarily for quality professionals and practitioners in the manufacturing and service industries. This Quality-training course that began in 1983 (runs one/ twice a year) has since registered its 71st intakes in 2016. Besides CQE, Mr Liang is also a trainer for Certified Quality Manager.

The Cost of Quality and ISO9008 Quality Management System documentation, implementation and maintenance are some of the main subject topics lectured in one of its four main course modules known as Quality planning and management. The remaining modules are namely; (a) Quality Practices and Applications, (b) Statistical Principals and Applications (c) Measurement Systems Analysis and (d) Reliability, Maintainability & Product Safety.

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