Bachelor of Science (Honours) Psychology (Top up)

Course Introduction

Awarded by The University of Northampton

The psychology degree enables critical understanding and analysis of human behaviour, thought and emotions. Students will learn scientific skills that are transferable to careers outside Psychology. The course tackle psychological issues in work, education, physical and mental health, crime, etc. This is a one year programme which offers learners the opportunity to:

  • Provide a critical understanding of psychological data relating to human behaviour and experience.
  • Develop generic and subject specific skills for example; analytic, interpersonal and research skills that are relevant to a range of careers.
  • Foster a desire for life-long learning.
  • Students are able to apply to the British Psychological Society for individual membership on graduation from this course.

TMC Psychology students are entitled to Singapore Psychological Society (SPS) membership under our Student Chapters.

Course assessment:

Assessment of the modules includes examinations, assignments, projects, presentations, class tests, and/or practical tests.

Teaching and learning:

Lectures, tutorials and independent learning will be employed. To make sure that students have a clear understanding of the concepts, tutorials will re-emphasize the key areas. Independent learning involves students taking the initiative in recognizing learning requirements and undertaking activities to meet them. These activities could take the form of research, tutorial exercises, review questions and coursework.

Course Pre-Requisites

Age: 17 years old

  • Academic Qualification (Obtained at least a Pass in any one of the following):
    • TMC Higher Diploma in Psychology with Counselling
    • TMC Graduate Diploma of Psychology
    • Relevant Polytechnic Diploma*
    • Advanced / Higher Diploma in ( Psychology / Counselling ) from Private Education Institutions*
    • * Relevant Polytechnic Diploma and other Advanced Diploma holders will have to obtain a TMC Higher Diploma prior to the Top Up degree. Credits may be given for the modules completed previously and the number of modules required to undertake may be 4 modules or more.
  • English Qualification (Any of the following or equivalent):
    • At least a C6 at GCE O English
    • Completed a Higher / Advanced Diploma where medium of instruction is English
    • Pass an English online test and an interview with the Dean / HOD / designate
    • IELTS 6.0
    • TOEFL ( Paper ) ≥ 547
    • TOEFL ( Computer ) ≥ 210
    • TOEFL ( Internet ) ≥ 78
    • TOEIC ≥ 780
    • Attend and pass Certificate in English up to Academic English level

Target Audience/Who Should Attend

For those interested in pursuing a career in the Social Services Industry and acquiring knowledge in the field of Psychology.

Course Outline

  • The Psychology of Health
  • The Developing Adult
  • The Developing Child
  • Motivation and Emotion
  • Psychology Dissertation

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