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Making the EQ difference in your Workplace

Course type: Workshops & Seminars
Category: Relationship Management
Date: 13 Sep 2017 - 9.30am to 6.00pm
Registration closing date: 11/09/2017
Venue: SPH News Centre
Educator: STJobs
Fee Type: Non-Funded
Fees: SGD 450.00
Discounted: SGD 350.00 SGD 350.00 Early Bird Discount ends 6 September
SGD 450.00 Regular Price
Duration: 8 hours
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Course Description

Making the EQ difference in your Workplace

In his seminal book, Emotional Intelligence, Daniel Coleman coined the phrase "Emotional Quotient". EQ is more important than IQ, the traditional method for measuring intelligence. EQ consists of both inter-personal and intra-personal intelligences. Groundbreaking research concluded that people with high EQ generally perform better in the workplace than those with low EQ. While IQ remains static, EQ can be developed. How then can you develop your EQ? How can you make the EQ difference and impact the workplace?  In this interactive workshop, you will learn to be aware of yourselves, manage your moods, empathize with others and hone your social skills. Managing your emotions brings about the big EQ difference in your workplace.

Learning Objectives

This 1-day self-discovery workshop will enable you to:

  1. understand EQ: inter-personal and intra-personal intelligence
  2. control and manage your emotions for higher productivity
  3. develop your EQ through 5 pathways

Course Outline


What is EQ?

Why is EQ more important than IQ?

Intra-personal versus inter-personal intelligence

Identifying your trigger points

What triggers you emotionally?

Hidden emotional triggers

Action plan to manage triggers

Identifying emotionally charged situations

Dealing with them

Learning to listen

Five Pathways

  1. Self-Awareness

Know thyself

Techniques to improve self-awareness

Learning about yourself

2.  Self-Management

Distorted thinking

What causes you to lose emotional control?

Flexibility - adapting to change

3.  Social Awareness (Empathy)

Empathetic listening

Thru’ the lens of others

Emotional boundaries

4.  Relationship Management (Social Skills)

Communication skills

Group EQ

5 Stages of team formation

5.  Motivation

Motivation versus ability

Inspirational resources

Re-energizing yourself

Your personal quiet time

Managing your anger and stress

Ways to recharge yourself

Instructional Methodology

Lecturettes, videos, role plays, self assessment, case studies, discussion and presentation.

Who should Attend

Who should participate?

For executives who want to enhance their EQ so that they can make the big EQ difference and impact their workplace.

Master Trainer: Michael Lum, B.Acc, M.Com, NLP Licensed Trainer, Grad Dip (Training), Certified 6 Seconds EQ Trainer.

Duration: 1day



2 Tea breaks and Lunch will be provided.


A Certificate of Participation will be issued at the end of the workshop. 

Contact Us


Michael Lum

Michael Lum

Trainer Description:

Michael Lum holds a Bachelor of Accountancy from National University of Singapore (NUS) and a Master of Commerce from the University of New South Wales (UNSW), Sydney. To hone in his skills as a trainer, he pursued a Graduate Diploma (Training and Development) from Civil Service College. Presently, he is completing a Master in Professional Education (Training and Development) from Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

For the last 20 years, Michael has been training management programs both in Singapore and in the region. He is also an associate trainer with NTU College of Professional and Continuing Education, Centre for Behavorial Studies (CBS) and Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (ISCA).

Michael is an associate faculty with Singapore University of Social Sciences and UPH Indonesia. He is also a certified trainer with American Board of NLP, American Management Association, Louis Allen Leadership Program, Six Seconds EQ and Body Language Micro-Expressions. An Associate Certified Coach with International Coaching Federation, he is also an IACT stressologist, NGH hypnotherapist, Laughter Yoga instructor and a Distinguished Toastmaster. He is a member of Global Speakers Federation.

Prior to setting up his own business, Michael was in finance, marketing and senior management in American, British and local MNCs. He had lived, worked and studied in Singapore and in Sydney. A wordsmith in his spare time, Michael is the bestselling author of "I Once Wore Diapers”, “No Failure; Only Success Delayed”, “Who Broke My Rice Bowl?”, “From Beggars to Millionaires” and “Make the World Your Oyster!”. Some of his books are translated into Malay and Korean.

In recognition of his selfless social contribution for his free workshops amongst mid-life retrenched workers and singles, he was awarded ABC True Hero 2003, a social enterprise award pioneered by ABC Stout. A frequent contributor to Straits Times, Michael is interviewed regularly by the press, radio and TV for his work.  

13/09/2017 - 13/09/2017 9.30am to 6.00pm
Updated on: 13 Jul 2017
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