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Empowering Millennials - Expired

Course type: Workshops & Seminars
Category: Leadership & Management
Registration closing date: 09/10/2017
Provider: STJobs
Fee Type: Non-Funded
Fees: SGD 300.00 before GST
SGD 321.00 after GST
Duration: 1 day
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Course Description

How are you growing your organisation’s future leaders from within?

While many Baby Boomers delay their retirement due to the economy, the leadership exodus is right around the corner. For higher education institutions that have been planning for succession, Gen Xers will easily move into key positions. Yet who will fill those mid-level leadership positions suddenly vacated by Gen Xers?

The obvious answer? Millennials

Yet even Millennials know they’re not ready to lead. In a recent study, 30% of Millennials felt they weren’t prepared for the responsibilities of leadership, citing a lack of confidence managing challenging employees and dealing with conflicts.

And by 2030, 75% of workers in Singapore will be Millennials – a succession disaster for higher education if this generation isn’t developed for leadership now.

What you will learn:

Learning Objective

  • Identify the three generations, and describe the unique characteristics of each generation
  • Describe and consider the workplace environment that each generation prefers
  • Compare the communication styles of each generation and identify strategies for effective communication at the workplace 
  • Gain an awareness about how participants can improve their workplace through learning more about their co-workers 


  • Build better rapport with the different generations within their team/department/organisation
  • Communicate effectively with the different generations based on their main motivations
  • Provide feedback using the Ultimate Feedback Model 
  • Engage the Employees for higher retention within the organisation
  • Reduce intergenerational conflict within the team/department/organisation through relevant case studies
  • Effective methods of confrontation

Learning Outline

Leadership Self Discovery

  • Who are the Millennials? What are the challenges they face as leaders?
  • Overcoming Stereotypes and Weaknesses 
  • Embracing Strengths and Talents 

Strategic Focus

  • Leaders Eat Last. Being a role model.
  • Discussion: Mindset and Values of a Leader 
  • Discussion: Skillset and Abilities of a Leader 
  • Building a Shared Vision

A Healthy Culture

  • The Science of Habit
  • From Habit to Culture
  • Best Practices in various industries

Building Resilience

  • Mental Toughness
  • Principles of Visualisation 
  • Developing Motivation and Confidence 
  • Overcoming Performance Anxiety 

Productivity and Action Plan 

  • Principles of Productivity 
  • Effective Time Management 
  • Formulating Action Plan for a stronger team 

“How much are low performing employees costing your company?”

Who should Attend

  • Executives
  • Managers



2 Tea breaks and Lunch will be provided.


A Certificate of Participation will be issued at the end of the workshop.

Book Giveaway

Participants will receive a Best Selling Book, "Empowering Millennials: The 5 Step Sequence to Design a Life of Fun, Freedom and Fortune" (worth S25.00) by author, Vivek Iyyani, for FREE.

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Vivek Iyyani

Vivek Iyyani

Trainer Description:

Vivek is the Master Trainer & Founder of YOU Training & Development [reg. The Kingers Pte Ltd]. As a Psychology Graduate, Vivek focuses on Leadership Training, Coaching & Consulting with a key focus on the Millennial Generation.

Vivek has worked with over 25,000 Millennials since 2007 in companies such as Johnson & Johnson, DELTA Airlines & Lagardere.

Vivek is the author of the Best Selling Book, ‘Empowering Millennials’. Vivek was interviewed on local media based on his book such as Channel NewsAsia and Oli 96.8FM and many other local blogs to understand more about the Millennial Generation.

Vivek’s big dream is to build a world of better Millennial Leaders within all organisations.

Updated on: 30 Nov 2017
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