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Design Thinking and the Art of Creativity and Innovation Training Workshop - Expired

Course type: Workshops & Seminars
Category: Design, Creativity & Innovation
Registration closing date: 24/01/2018
Provider: STJobs
Fee Type: Non-Funded
Fees: SGD 300.00 before GST
SGD 321.00 after GST
Duration: 1 day
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Course Description

Design Thinking is a structured process of exercising creativity in developing solutions for complex problems either faced internally or with clients. Companies tend to adopt traditional problem-solving method by getting internal staff to develop solutions based on own experience and thought process; painfully taking time and energy; and finally investing high cost, hoping to take a shot at what may work. This process can cause stress and uncertainty, therefore being too costly to fail in the attempt to “get it right”. Attend this one-day workshop on how to use Design Thinking to develop workable solutions instead of the ‘best’ solution; save time and money; increase certainty; as well as the rate of success in solution adoption. 

Course Overview and Objectives 

The objective of the training workshop is to enable participants to appreciate the importance of Design Thinking Strategy in the business environment today. To better understand how Design Thinking can assist them in increasing productivity and cultivate innovation and creativity at the workplace 

Workshop Outline: 

1. What is Design Thinking and why is it significant in the business environment today?

2. Apply the 5-Step Design Thinking Strategy to cultivate creativity and innovation

3. Empathize Phase:

      a. Empathy Map

      b. Personas

4. Define Phase: 

     a. Design Brief

     b. Client Journey 

5. Ideate Phase: 

     a. Idea Divergence

     b. Idea Convergence

6. Prototype Phase:

     a. Storyboard

     b. Role-play

7. Test Phase: 

     a. User Testing

     b. Experimentation & Refinement 

Who should Attend

Business Owners and Entrepreneurs, CEOs, Department Managers and Supervisors, Sales Managers and Admin Managers

Other information

Learning Outcome(s): 

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to: 

a. Apply the 5-step Design Thinking strategy at the workplace 

b. Increase empathy for customers both internal and external 

c. Develop workable solutions to save time, money and effort 

d. Increase awareness of being productive and innovative 

e. Finding workable solutions to problems at the workplace 

Training Methodologies:

1. Mini Lectures and Group Activities with Thinking, Pairing and Sharing with Peers 

2. Group Project Work on the 5 Step Design Thinking Strategy 

3. Trainer’s Demonstration and Illustration of each strategy with examples and Debrief sessions 

4. Video Presentation on Design Thinking 

5. Trainer’s Reflections and Insights 

6. Group Presentations on Project Work 


Certificate of Attendance will be issued.


2 Teabreaks and Lunch will be provided.

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Adrian Choo

Adrian Choo

Trainer Description:

Adrian has been a trainer with extensive experience in conducting corporate training. Adrian delivered training extensively in Singapore and in various countries in the APAC region, guiding and teaching corporate staff from executive to managerial roles. Previously received training from the President of Singapore Psychological Association, Adrian held the Principal Trainer and Senior Marketing Manager positions in a training institute directed by the President. Well-known for his flair for incorporating andragogy games; contextualized case studies; and other creative facilitating tools, Adrian delivers impactful trainings that allows transformational learning and job transference to take place. Adrian was also engaged as an instructional designer, curriculum developer and assessor for two courses: Certificate in Curriculum Development and Instructions and Certificate in Harnessing Innovation and Entrepreneurship. 

Updated on: 24 Jan 2018
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