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Career Coaching: Writing an Effective Resume and Excelling at Job Interviews

Course type: Workshops & Seminars
Category: Communications & Interpersonal Skills
Date: 11 Apr 2018 - 9.30am-6.00pm
Registration closing date: 04/04/2018
Venue: SPH News Centre
Provider: STJobs
Fee Type: Non-Funded
Fees: SGD 300.00 before GST
SGD 321.00 after GST
Duration: 1 day
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Course Description

In this full-day workshop, learners will be equipped with skills, knowledge and attributes to develop an effective curriculum vitae and excelling at career interviews. Learners will be able to craft an impactful curriculum vitae and resume and secure a job interview. In addition, this workshop also covers how to excel at job interviews

Learners will learn techniques and strategies that are essential for preparing them for the corporate world and business environment

This is a highly engaging and intensive, experiential and dynamic workshop packed with learning activities, practical exercises, laughter, fun and experience sharing.

Course Outline and Highlights

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Develop a Career Plan and Interview Blueprint for success
  • Discover the proposition of career planning guidance
  • Tools and Techniques to excel at job interviews
  • Understand and practice the seven proven ways to get a call for a job interview
  • Understand the business environment of today
  • Identify the benefits of writing an impactful resume and curriculum vitae
  • Understand implications of the first impressions in resume and curriculum writing
  • Become more aware - clearly seeing what you feel and do
  • Become more intentional - do what you mean to do
Become more purposeful - do it for a reason when writing a resume and curriculum vitae

Other information

Workshop Methodology

The Workshop is designed to include varieties of instructional methods such as:

  • Mini-lectures – Dynamic & Highly Engaging Presentation
  • Demonstrations of Techniques
  • Experiential Learning
  • Strategic Discussions
  • Group & Partner Experience Sharing & Brainstorming
  • Role plays
  • Video viewing
  • Skill-building Exercises

Duration of Workshop

One day, from 9:30 am to 6.00 pm with an hour lunch break and two 15-minute tea-breaks (am and pm).

Workshop Outline






Introduction, Welcome, Ice-breaker, ground rules, goals & outcomes

Welcome, build rapport, relaxes the participants, set rules & intentions, and provide lead to topic.

Cluster sitting arrangement,

ice-breaker game.


Power of Value and Intention in Writing a CV and or Resume

Discovering the value and purpose of writing an impactful CV

Mini-lecture, self-awareness exercise & debrief session by the Trainer


Developing an effective Career Blueprint Plan

How to develop your career plan

Evaluate the purpose and intention

Make your career plan impressionable

Mini-lecture, debrief session by the Trainer


- - - Morning Break- - -


Power Writing

Communicate effectively through writing an impactful resume  and Power Writing 

Understanding the basic building blocks of written communication &  meaning

Mini lecture

Practicum. Demonstration by the Trainer


Evaluating Consequences

The Dos and Don’ts in Resume and Curriculum Vitae Writing

Differences between an Ordinary and Exceptional CV and Resume

Mini-lecture, class exercise and debrief session by the Trainer


- - - Lunch Break- - -


Navigate Emotions

Learning to assess, harness and transform emotions as a strategic resource in CV and Resume Writing

Mini-lecture, class exercise, debrief session by the Trainer


Intrinsic Motivation

Engaging energy from inside out. How and why do we motivate ourselves to excel in written communication

Mini-lecture and debrief session by the Trainer


Exercise Optimism

Switching to a proactive perspective of hope and possibility. Exercising optimism in writing an effective CV

Mini-lecture, practicum and debrief session by the Trainer


- - Afternoon Break - - -


Career Interview Blueprint

Your Career Interview Blueprint

Understanding Self Awareness

Your purpose, intention and vision

Conditioning yourself to succeed

Mini-lecture, group role-play &

debrief session by the Trainer


Preparing for the Interview

Preparing Yourself for the Interview

Background research on the company you are going for an Interview

Steps on how to be confident on your special day

Exercising Optimism

Mini-lecture and debrief session by the Trainer


Ace the Interview

Be Yourself

Showing enthusiasm and energy

Being Interested and Interesting

Asking the Right Questions

Answering Questions intelligently and tactfully

Techniques on how to conclude with power to help you get the next interview

Mini-lecture, role play and debrief session by the Trainer


Putting them all together

Recap lessons learned.

Important take-aways and action planning. Create your career and interview blueprint for success

Reflection and Insights on the learnings of the day. Trainer’s reflections on the techniques learnt


Debriefing Session

Questions and Answers. Suggestions, Recommendations and Feedbacks

All participants


Good Bye!

End of Training Workshop


Certificate of Attendance will be issued.


2 Teabreaks and Lunch will be provided.

Contact Us


Gabriel Chua

Gabriel Chua

Trainer Description:

With at least 20 years of supervisory experience including Regional Director for Compaq Computer Asia Pacific, a Large Global American Company, Gabriel is well versed in leadership and people management. Leading 22 highly experienced Solution Architects and Business Development Managers in ASEAN, he consistently achieved sales revenue and profit targets.

As Regional Director, Gabriel successfully secured contracts by designing total solutions including IT Services such as Systems Integration, Migration Services, Business Continuity among others. He also ensured specialist support was provided to channel partners and country’s sales team.

He also has a strong background in communications and sales with at least 10 years in sales, product sales and Leadership and People Management (LPM) trainings under his belt. Gabriel had even been awarded as a “Best Speaker” in SAFRA Bukit Merah’ s Toastmasters Club Meeting in 1998.

Gabriel is now currently Leadership and People Management (LPM) trainer and career coach who is dedicated to guiding individuals to excel in their career paths and achieve their goals, specializing in Sales, Communications, and Leadership and People Management.

Updated on: 27 Dec 2017
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