Updated on: 11 Jan 2017

Build Your Career Network - Expired

Course type: Workshops & Seminars
Category: Personal Development
Registration closing date: 08/02/2017
Provider: STJobs
Fee Type: Non-Funded
Duration: 3 hours
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Course Description

Your network is your net worth! Learn how to build a high value career network and leverage on your network to secure your desired job and career pathway to career excellence!

3 Key Learning Point: 

  • Networking Tips and Strategies
  • Building you career network
  • Elevator pitch and personalized namecard

Who should Attend

Recommended for: All professionals who are interested in furthering their careers

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Trainer Description:

Sherfeeq brings with him a youthful exuberance and is especially fond of working with young adults. A strong advocate of self belief and a never-say-die attitude, he often strikes a chord with students via the values he imparts, and the examples he sets. He is also a staunch believer in spreading the need for pro-activity and preparation - character facets that if adopted appropriately would serve any individual abundantly. Sherfeeq is also a strong advocate of leadership, having delivered programmes to a multitude of institutes and participants.

Sherfeeq has been in the Employability arena for several years, being the Master Trainer for the Career Skills Workshop by the Workforce Development Agency. He is also a fantastic motivational speaker whose techniques are much vaunted. His repertoire includes empowering students to take ownership and in the process make new discoveries about themselves. Sherfeeq is an avid promoter of the need to live ones life to the fullest. He also advocates life long learning and is of the belief that people should never stop in their quests for more knowledge.

Sherfeeq’s ability to communicate with people is his greatest gift and he reaches out to his participants in a manner that is both thought provoking and intimate. He is blessed with the gift of the gab and can communicate to a wide range of participants who span the spectrum of age and race and social backgrounds.

Sherfeeq possesses strong leadership and personal development qualities with the ability to take charge and follow through with a commitment to excellence. The ability to connect with the younger generation is perhaps one of Sherfeeq’s strongest fortes, having been part of the education system recently. A member of Generation Y, Sherfeeq is up to date on the traits and tribulations of growing up in this day and age and the product of his rhetoric is none other than personal experience.

Updated on: 11 Jan 2017
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