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Add Coaching Skills to Your Existing Profession

Course type: Workshops & Seminars
Category: Personal Development
Date: 11 Mar 2017 - 9.00am to 12.00pm
Registration closing date: 08/03/2017
Venue: SPH News Centre
Educator: STJobs
Fee Type: Non-Funded
Fees: SGD 58.00
Duration: 3 hours
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Course Description

Acquire Coach Skill tools you can apply to any profession or personal setting to escalate your Net-worth or create additional revenue stream for yourself.

3 Key Learning Point: 

·Coaching platforms available in Singapore

·Coaching as a professional and revenue streams that are generated from this

·Recommendation and referral for coaching assignments

Who should Attend

Recommended for: PMET, Freshmen and Jobseekers


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Rupert Gan

Rupert Gan

Trainer Description:

One of the co-developers of Employability programme, Rupert has been conducting e2i Booster Sessions since its inaugural launch and has been successfully overcoming a wide array of challenges along the way with the ever evolving landscape of the employment market in Singapore and the myriad of participants coming for the workshops.

A dynamic and quick witted speaker, Rupert mixes his unique style of humour into his training sessions, bringing the core messages across in a sublime manner that is well received by his participants,  garnering him a high success rate in all his employability and motivational workshops. Ever evolving and interactive, Rupert keeps himself up to date with all the major economic and financial movements globally to ensure his participants receive the latest low down on the employment market to make sound decisions when charting their career paths.

Effectively bi-lingual, Rupert is also the speaker of choice for many talks, roadshows and workshops. His sessions are highly engaging and he has received acclaim for being one of the liveliest personalities to grace the stage. Never one to get carried away by technicalities, Rupert’s dramatic flair and his attention to detail make him a powerful force to be reckoned with. His sheer brilliance at entertaining the crowd and drawing on key learning points is what stands him head and shoulders above the rest.

Experienced with the mentality and mindset of jobseekers and with his constant awareness of the latest movement in the labour market, nationwide employment figures and government initiatives, Rupert is able to tweak his lesson accordingly to ensure participants receive the latest information on employment trends. His constant involvement with

jobseekers for the past 5 years have given Rupert a deep insight and understanding with regards to the emotional and physiological aspects of job seekers, a powerful tool for Rupert as he could effectively address to their deepest concerns thereby steering and motivating his participants towards greater success.

An integral member of the AGB Education Centre training and development team, Rupert’s focus on employability training makes him a force to be reckon with, his deep understanding for the mindset of the rank and file workers, employed or unemployed, gives him the ability to “read” their minds and know the deepest concerns and fears that participants may be facing in the various stages of the job seeking or upgrading journey. This knowledge has allowed Rupert to conduct his classes differently, engaging participants on a deeper level, highlighting their concerns and breaking their many negative beliefs.

Updated on: 01 Dec 2016
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