Corporate Branding: The Name Of The Game Sells!

Course Introduction

 Your brand is the vehicle that propels your product or service into your customer’s lives, and into their hearts. A good brand is much more than an attractive image combined with some witty type. Your brand must reflect the heart and soul of your product, and offer a promise that you can live up to.

This full day training workshop will get you started on the road to creating a perfect brand. It will cover the basics of branding, including how to develop a visual identity from start to finish. We will focus on how to put your brand out there in the right way. The training will also cover on how you keep your brand energized, up to date as well as having a good feel factor about the branding image

Learning Objectives

  • Define what a brand is (particularly a strong brand) and what branding is about
  • Define the types of brand architecture and brand extension o Identify your brand’s products, the features of those products, and their values
  • Write a mission, vision, and style statement for a brand
  • Describe the basics of positioning a brand
  • Understand the basics of creating a visual identity, including a brand name, slogan, and logo
  • Help your employees live the brand by empowering them to be ambassadors and creating strong brand touchpoints
  • Effectively plan an internal and external brand launch
  • ·Monitor and evaluate your brand, and understand how to respond to the results

Course Overview

Defining Branding

To begin, participants will explore what a brand means and what branding is all about. Participants will also discuss some popular brands and what makes them stand out.

What Are You All About?

Participants will get started on the branding process by learning how to identify a product’s features, benefits, and values.

Creating a Mission

A mission statement is where you can express your big dreams for your product. In this session, participants will learn what a good mission statement looks like. They will also get some hands-on practice in creating a mission statement for a product of their choice.

Creating a Vision of the Future

 The outline how you want things to look for your brand in the short term. It will give participants some tips for creating a vision statement and share some sample statements for a fictional company.

Positioning Your Brand

Positioning describes how your brand will be seen in the minds of customers. Participants will learn what a positioning statement looks like and they will take part in a positioning workout to get some hands-on practice.

Developing Your Style

The next component of your brand identity is the style statement: what attitude will your brand have? This session includes both a theory and practice component.

Developing a Brand Name and Slogan

Now it’s time for the fun stuff! To begin, this session will recap what we have covered so far. Then, participants will get practical tips on creating a brand name and a slogan.

Creating a Visual Identity

Although we can’t turn participants into professional graphic designers, this session will help them understand the basics of graphic design. Concepts include image perception, colour spectrum analysis, font types, and types of visual identities.

Living Your Brand

Participants will learn how to transform company employees into brand ambassadors and how to create a unique experience at each brand touchpoint.

Connecting with Customers

Ten ways to connect with your customers and potential clients

Launching Your Brand

This session will share some ideas for making internal and external brand launches a smashing success.

Taking Your Brand’s Pulse

For a brand to be as successful as possible, it must evolve with your company, your customers, and the marketplace. This session will introduce participants to the basics of brand evaluation.

Performing a SWOT Analysis

Participants will learn about one of the most popular tools for brand analysis: the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) matrix.

Measuring Brand Health with a Balanced Scorecard

Participants will learn how brands can be evaluated with a balanced scorecard.

Interpreting Evaluation Results

Participants will learn what to do with brand evaluation results. We will also share the six most common signs of brand trouble.

Keeping the Brand Alive

Participants will learn about refreshing a brand, re-launching a brand, and rebranding. They will then apply their knowledge to a case study.

Going Beyond the Brand

To wrap up the day, participants will learn about various kinds of brand architecture and brand extension.

Who should Attend

Sales and Marketing personnel, Sales Managers, General Managers and anyone who is keen to learn corporate branding for their organizations

Other information

Training Methodology 

  • Interactive session and open discussion with the Trainer 
  • Group Activities of Think, Pair and Share to bring out the learning outcomes 
  • Demonstration by the Trainer on concepts and application of each branding model 
  • Role Plays and Activities from the participants 
  • Project Work done by each participant. Trainer to give evaluation and feedback after presentation by each participant



Certificate of Attendance will be issued.


2 Teabreaks and Lunch will be provided.

Jacky Lim

Trainer Description

Jacky Lim is a communications expert and sales coach who help people communicate with influence. Highly valued for his transformational and results-based programs, Jacky has worked with over thousands of individuals in Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Shanghai and the region from various organizations, ranging from schools, SMEs, MNCs, non-profit organizations and government agencies. These include names such as Housing and Development Board (HDB), Samsung, UPS, ING Bank, Park Hotel Group, Trichokare, Singtel, NHST Media, among many others. 

Also a worldwide-recognized NLP trainer and coach, Jacky is only one of the few trainers in the region who has gained his NLP education from the American Board of NLP, one of the largest and most established NLP boards in the world. He is also the founder of the Acme Success Coaching System™ which has been used to enrich and empower the lives of countless.

A familiar face with the media, Jacky has also been featured three times on air with 93.8FM and appeared on Sunday Times. He is also the author of bestselling book “Increase your Sales with NLP”.   

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