Course Introduction

The World has progressed tremendously in just the past 20 years.  The rise of SMART Technology (iPhone and APP Stores, SIRI etc) and Platforms (aka : Facebook, UBER, AirBNB)  has changed many office culture.

Office and administration roles are progressing too, with responsibilities that now look more like middle management than support staff. The recession and advancements in technology have both contributed to the evolution.  More companies turn to fewer administrative professionals to take on more specific duties and responsibilities.

Are you ready to embrace technology to maximize productivity and for the prioritization of tasks? Are you keeping up with times by acquiring new skills? Join us at this Personal Assistants/Administrative Professionals Master Class and progress to your Professional Career.

This event is supported by The Singapore Association of Administrative Professionals

Course Benefits

  • Get away from the hustle and bustle for a time of mental refreshing and learning of new tools and skills to be more empowered for your job
  • Master the 4 keys Critical Success Areas:
    • Powerful Personal Branding
    • Clear Goals and Action Planning
    • People and Team Management Skills
    • Digital Branding
  • Receive a Team Dynamics Profile worth $138 and learn how to assess another person’s personality type through visual and verbal assessment during the workshop

Course Outline

Date: 27 April 2018 (Friday)
Time: 12 pm to 5 pm
Venue: SPH Training Room


Time                                Topic   Speaker
12.00 pm Registration cum Buffet Lunch                                                                                                                                                       
12.50 pm Opening Address

JOSEPHINE KWAN                                    
President SAAP                                             

1.00 pm Soar like an Eagle – Breakthrough 2018 !
– Career Success Strategies for 2018
– Design Your Ideal Life Plan and make it Happen
– Hands On Goals Setting & Action Planning
Author, Speaker & Philanthropist
2.15 pm Team Dynamics @ Work
– Learn the Art & Science to work with different personalities across different department
– Hands On Training on How to Profile a Person’s Personality using just observations and by how they speak
Director, The Professionals Center
3.00 pm Networking Break  
3.30 pm

Digital Branding for Success
– Find out how to use LinkedIn and other social media platforms to boost your Personal Digital Brand
– Using LinkedIn as a Tool to Profile your self, your professional expertise and strengths effectively

Partner, Queen Consulting Group

4.15 pm

Personal Branding for Success
– Develop Communications Strategies for Greater success @ work
– Discover how your Personal Color & Style can Influence those you work with
– Find out how to accentuate your natural beauty and shine @ work
MD, Jill Lowe Group Pte Ltd
5.00 pm

End of Master Class



Learn more

Jill Lowe

Trainer Description

MD, Jill Lowe International

Jill Lowe is the leading image and communication expert in Singapore. She pioneered the entire Image Grooming industries and is instrumental for training up most of the Image Consultants and Trainers in the Market today.

Personal Branding For Success

“Image Maketh the Man”.  In today’s age and time, Personal Branding has become even more important as a tool to help us stand out and create that all important business and personal image that truly reflects our values.  In this session, you will learn all about the strategies you can adopt to build and key up your personal image including :

  • Colors that Suit your Skin Tone
  • Clothes cutting that suit your body type
  • Everlasting accessories to pair with your fashion
  • Communications strategies to enhance your presence
  • Body language to project your confidence

Apelles Poh

Trainer Description

Author, Speaker & Philanthropist

Apelles Poh is in the business of inspiring and motivating people to be at their best.  A successful Speaker who has written 2 books, Apelles is an active Philanthropist who contributes all his training fees and books sales to help the Needy.

Breakthrough 2018 with Goals Setting and Action Planning

Unleash the power of Vision, Passion and Action for Success in all areas of your life !  We all want a better life and work life balance.  Life is always about juggling the different things.  But unless you first decide what to juggle, you will always have too much going on in your life. In this interactive and self-reflective session, Apelles will take you through a journey of rediscovering yourself in order to determine your future.  Learn to see beyond your own limiting belief to embrace a bigger vision.  Find out what you are truly passionate about and inject that to make every day a fun day for you.  Cascade these passion and vision into a set of clearly defined goals that will drive you forward and keep you on course to achieve greater success in life ! 

Ivan Wong

Trainer Description

Partner, Queen Consulting Grp

Ivan has 20 years experience in E-commerce, Digital Marketing, Campaign Optimisation & Digital Analytics.  He is one of the few certified Google Regional Trainers delivering Google AdWords, Analytics and Mobile Advertising courses for over 500 clients.

Digital Branding For Success

Digital and Real life has now merged into 1.  Many of us use social media to communicate and interact with one another.  But do we find ways to improve our Digital Branding to set ourselves apart from the crowd?  If someone or a headhunter from LinkedIn were to find your LinkedIn Profile, does it communicate to them the level of professionalism that you wished to attain?

Learn from Ivan strategies and tips on how to effectively use LinkedIn and other social media platforms to boost your Personal Digital Brand.  Build a credible online image that accentuates your personal image.  Enhance your career mobility and opportunities with this fun and interactive session.

Joseph Lee

Trainer Description

Director, Professionals Center

Joseph Lee is founder of various HR Solutions like : Team Dynamics Assessment, Business Excellence (BEX) HR Software and Various Online HR Instruments used by SMEs to help them engage and train their staff.

Team Dynamics @ Work

The modern Admin Professionals today (EA, PA) has to work with multiple parties to get things done and serve the bosses well.   This include typically very senior level executives to those lower in the rank and file.  The ability to work well with all and sundry is a critical success factor (CSF).

The truth is, there is an Art & Science to work with different personalities across different departments and outside the company.  Joseph will lead this interactive session by introducing the 5 Key Personality Types and how to identify them through the use of observations of them and by how they speak.  He will also introduce the Motivational DNAs and how to identify them and use your knowledge to successfully engage and motivate people to work better and to respond to your better.

When you sign up for this Master Class, you will also get a Login to do an Individual Personality Self-Assessment worth $138 and the results will be interpreted during the workshop as part of the learning of the various personality types.  You will be able to use the Login to let your “Boss” or “Partner / Spouse” to do the Assessment so that you will learn how to better interact with them.

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